Needless to say, that your privacy is very important to us. We value the trust you place in us and place the utmost importance on the security of our clients. We have ensured that all transactions on our website are completely secure.

Are they collecting any personal information of the visitors who visit the website, or blogs of

Here at, there is no mandatory procedure for collecting the personal information of the visitors. Usually, anyone can visit the website or blogs of without revealing their personal information or any other important data. Our secure networks are specially built to keep your anonymity maintained. But, some of your personal information such as name, contact numbers, email ID, and other details are required while ordering or registering on This information and data help us to determine the number of visitors on our page along with the time that they have spent on our website. All this information arecollected to improve the experience of our clients.

What is the use of the collected information?

There are several uses of such information. Our technical team will personalize the user experience with the help of that information so that we can serve you better. This information is required solely because of the quality client experience as this information helps to determine a particular user’s needs and demands. Also, we use the user details to send emails regarding our services so that the user gets updated.

Is your personal information safe with us?

We assure you that your personal information is 100 % safe with us. As per the legal terms, we are bound to keep your personal information private. Here at, we follow strict privacypolicies which are practised by the experts. Even there is no slightest exception in our privacy policy. Our technical team constantly works for building a secure network and all of your personal information are secure behind our networks. This confidential information can be accessed only byauthorised persons and it is our liability to keep your data private. Your credit card details are completely confidential and secure. There is no way to hack that information. So you should be completely worry free on that front.

Does allow third-party links on their website?

Third-party links may pop up since we have to maintain the community standards of Google; we allow third-party services. Occasionally, third-party links may appear and if you click on them, then a separate website mayopen. These third-party links are independent and different from us and we do not promote them. So, we will not take any responsibility for any issues related to third-party services. Sometimes, these third-party links can harm your system.

Google Ad policy

We are following the Google ad policy for our website and we intend to maintain their community standards. That is why you can see some popup ads from Google, based on your search history, every time you are at our website. This helps to improve the experience of the visitors as relevant ads can be very useful.